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Hi there guys!

Recently bought my self a gs450h 07 plate with low mileage.

Just discovered today that one of those chrome plastic insterts is missing. I tried to find replacement but no luck.

Is anyone here know where I could get one of those ? Please help.



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Thanks for fast reply.

Well yeah I come across that one but £60 it's a bit pricey.

Was hoping for £5 replacement from china.

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There were so few of these cars sold worldwide that there may not be an aftermarket option. When I owned my 2006 GS 450h SE-L I was told by my local dealer they cost £30.00 + VAT each. That was approx 6 years ago. Your only options may be main dealer or breakers yard.

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Might be able to buy one wheel from a breakers and then put a few plastic bits on eBay to recoup.

Paid £400 for 4 wheels for mine as it had nasty aftermarket rims when I bought it.

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I have a few 'spare' used ones - so could send one over to you for postage plus a few beer tokens. Let me know if you're interested?

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