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Alarm going off randomly

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Hi all,

I have had my CT now for two months and tonight the alarm has gone off twice for no reason. Checked my security camera and no cars or people have gone past to set the alarm off. Car has been parked up since 15:00 today and the alarm has gone off at 20:32 and 22:03 (time checked on camera) weather is fine no strong wind or rain, I’m not near anything that involves strong vibrations. 

has anyone experienced there alarm going off randomly? Just puzzled why this has happened.



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17 minutes ago, dublet said:

Either your car's haunted, or bugs.

Have disabled the interior sensor, could be a tiny bug not that I could see when flashing a torch around. 

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Posted (edited)
47 minutes ago, dublet said:

So I was right? 😉 Jinkies..

Time for the Mystery Machine to drive to the next problem. 😃

You were indeed! Last night I could not see the little :censored: with a torch 😂😂😂😂

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On 8/27/2021 at 4:39 PM, joelfigueira said:

All sorted was a bloody flying ant! Seen it pop out from the dash vents for the windscreen! 

Mrs Carriage Return and I were on holiday at a boutique hotel recently, popped out for dinner and when we returned we walked past our vehicle on the way into reception. We both jumped out of our skin as the alarm went off. We slunk up the stairs to our room. Our telephone rang a few moments later and the concierge rather sheepishly told us that the alarm had "been going off rather a lot this evening". Baffled I returned to the vehicle, drove it around for a few minutes and parked it in another section of the car park, perhaps wondering if rough ground, an errant stone, a slight tilt or other issue had caused the alarm. 

We'd been deep in the countryside earlier that day and the idea that a bug inside the vehicle could have set it off absolutely makes sense. Very useful. and thank you for this. 

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I had our Ct do it 3 nights on the the trot last summer, then found the smallest moth imaginable in the corner of the screen. Gave him his marching orders and problem solved.

Think it's called the "Butterfly Effect" 😁

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