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Brake pad wear indicator

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On my previous German cars there was a wear indicator that you pressed into a recess in the pad(s) and when the pads wore down sufficiently contact was made bringing up a warning light on the dash.  Sometimes if the contact was only slightly worn it was not necessary to replace it but at other times it needed replacing if the contact was well worn.  I expected to find a similar arrangement on my RX450h but I can neither find a reference in the hand book for this or a metal wear clip which rubs on the discs when the pads are worn producing a screeching sound.  I seem to remember my old 2.5 litre v6 Camry had the latter.  So my question for anybody who has changed their pads or who is otherwise aware, is whether the pads in a RX450h have sensor contact or a screecher clip that needs to be transferred to the new pads or replaced with new if worn  If the latter, does this come with or is pre attached to the pads? I like to have all that are needed to hand before doing the job, hence my question about wear indicators which I would have thought would be by one of the two mentioned methods.   

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Thank you Colin.  As my pads have not quite reached the point where wear clips are rubbing, it means I can reuse them if these are not included with new pads.

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