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Steering Wheel Lock for 2020 Lexus ES


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I bought a steering wheel lock by Stoplock. It does not fit in my ES 2020 model. The centre of ES steering wheel is too lumpy and the Stoplock metal bar could not be closed. Can anyone help suggest the model of Steering Wheel Lock that fit in the ES. Thanks.

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Gaby I would suggest the chances of stealing an ES without the key fob is pretty low but these security bars that pass through the steering wheel have a poor track record for ease of removal when locked.   If anyone is really intent on taking your car it would have to be lifted on to the back of a trailer or towed away but even then if you double click your remote fob when locking it will activate the deadlocks in the doors so opening the doors will be impossible even if a window is smashed.  Think about putting your key fob and your spare fob  in one of those wallet type holders which shield the key fob from electronic scanning devises which professional thieves use now as they know without the keyfob they are snookered and have no chance of scanning your key's signal if it's in a security wallet. You can buy them on e bay for a few pounds.  

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