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Petrol change

Barry A

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Please be kind to me, how do I find out whether the change in Petrol has implications for me.  I keep hearing alarm bells from people regarding the new fuel and have no idea whether the people posting them are just scaremongering.  I read this morning that "this new fuel is going to affect rubber gaskets and pipes and some metals too"

Surely that isn't true???
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46 minutes ago, Gregory Jones said:

There is no need to panic. If your car is pre 2005 just switch to premium petrol which will still be E5.

You missed a bit off the end of your post a premium price 😀

Strangely ( maybe unsurprisingly) the fuel price comparison sites don’t seem to include super unleaded prices (E5) but pretty sure it was £1.49 a litre the other day at Esso so there’s the “premium” content.

Looking at the picture below with average prices and mileage it’s costing around £275.00 a year more for the E5 SUP, roughly the same amount as doubling my road tax/ VED.

No mention of lawn mowers, I wonder if my 30 year old Honda will need SUP 😀


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Thanks for all the replies.  My Lexus CT is 2015, but I didn't find that model on the Government website.  However it does look as though everything will be ok for me and others in a similar situation.

Very best wishes



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