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IS250 Coolant no. of Litres

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I am going to replace my coolant. How many litres do you think it will need to be refilled. I am probably not flushing but removing all old coolant and putting new one in. Toyota Super Pink. Checked the manual but it did not specify.

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Good luck with removing all the coolant. I haven't seen anyone on here definitively find the block drain cocks (if you have found them please raise your hand!). What I did, and I think most people do, is just drain the radiator. You can get 3-5 litres out that way, depending on the angle of the car. (Have the nose pointing down and you can get more out, but then it's harder to get to the rad drain *****!) Then refill the rad to replace what you have drained and do it again, sooner or later.

I did that about 4 times, once at each annual service. That will keep the anti-corrosion properties of the coolant in reasonable shape (the anti-freeze doesn't significantly degrade - it's the anti-corrosion element which gets less effective with age). Do it several times in succession if you are concerned about it.

My car was 2005 (first reg 2006) and I sold it a couple of years ago. It still seems to be going strong.

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Will give this whole thing a DIY attempt this week. I have ordered 6 litres.

I found that the car gets to its best performance after driving for at least 20 minutes. Everything else is properly configured (oil, trans oil, filters, tyres) and the cars generally very smooth. So I figured I am close enough to 100k and theres nothing that suggest the car ever had its coolant changed and as we know coolant regulates the correct temp of the engine.

Its E5 time coming up for us. Been using E5 90% of the time anyway but we will see I hope the prices can stay where they are 😞

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