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Help! Can Someone Please Tell Me Why

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Can someone please tell me why whenever I go to post a topic I get loged out?

An example of this would be when I went to post a dealer review today I had a message pop up telling me that I was Loged Out! I wasn't and have since tried to post again when loged in (approx 6) times and been told once again that I am Logged Out. This also happens to me on the Modifications and Tuning page. Before some smart :tsktsk: says "that's because you talk C :tsktsk: ! you'd all be very intrested in what I have to say.

Kind Regards :driving:

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Dunno if the site uses cookies ? Possibly a problem if it does and you've got them switched off. Quite often a session id is stored in a cookie (at login) and then checked when you do something like post a message. No session id = not logged in.

Do you login ?

Do you get logged out when you post to any forum or a specific one ?

What browser are you using ?

my .02 cents worth.

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