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Similar cars in working order appear to be listed between £3.5-4.0K so dependent on the Battery pack and fitting cost plus the trailer to collect it there ain’t much wiggle room at the present bid price and that’s assuming there are no other issues like the inverter.


If you see it reappear in Dudley described as a “fine drive” at double the price and a new hybrid Battery fitted they’re probably Duracell 😀

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1 hour ago, Mossypossy said:

Thought they could not be driven without hybrid battery. How will it even start?

I don't see how the claim that it can be driven without the hybrid Battery can be made. The hybrid Battery starts the engine. I wonder what ebay's position is on claims like this - maybe there's a way to alert them to claims that might mislead people? Or maybe the hybrid Battery still works to some extent but generates error messages.

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A little bit different to years ago when you simply took a set of jump leads if considering buying a car with a flat Battery.

Are these “electronic handbrake?” just getting it off the driveway could be a hassle never mind the transport costs of around £2.00 a mile these days. Having said that car auction prices have gone through the roof £1000s over reserve recently.

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