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Aftermarket ISF front lip

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11 hours ago, Slickric said:

Hi All,

I'm looking for advice on getting a aftermarket front lip.  Anyone recommendations from anyone and any issues with fitment?



Bar importing, which comes with added costs, there's not many UK based options. I went with Maxton Design as they have a full lip kit. They're Europe based and well priced. My view being it wouldn't be long before I knock it or potentially it gets struck by a stone on the road. Easy and cheap to replace too. I'll attach some images to give you an idea of the design of the whole kit (you can buy items individually).




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Wow that looks nice.  I also really like the black side skirts.  Is that ur isf?

My wife managed to scrape the aftermarket lip the other day.  Got quoted £300 to respray it!  I’m thinking of getting new lip as this one is getting a bit worn (but expensive to import) or I might see if I can diy carbon wrap or spray paint it black to save money so I can spend on other mods!  Although not sure how it would turn out.


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Hey man. Yes it's my ISF. The skirts are all part of their kit for the ISF. It also has rear extensions and a rear diffuser/valance. For some reason I cannot upload more images. I am on Instagram if you have it, as Rich_ISF for more images.


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