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2005 MK3 Lexus GS300 SE - Lots of Service History + 11 months MOT


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For sale:


2005 Lexus GS300 SE in silver with cream leather interior


Price and price conditions:


£3650 and open to sensible offers upon viewing


Extra Info:


So, I'm now selling my 2005 Lexus GS300 SE. I purchased this vehicle not very long ago on 24/07/2021. I bought this car as I was unable to find a GS430, so I settled on a GS300.

I (stupidly) didn't stop looking for a 430 and bought a GS430 when I found one, because my heart was set on one. So, unfortunately this one now has to go. It's a shame because this is a much better all round car, but I need to scratch the V8 itch just once.

I've spent a bit of money on the car since having it, but I'm now going to focus the similar efforts on my new GS430.

It has a lot of nice features, some of which are:

Memory seats for the passenger and driver seats
Heated and cooled leather seats
Reversing camera
Auto dimming rear view mirror and side mirrors
Front and rear parking sensors
Electric sunshade for the rear window
Xenon headlights and washers



The mileage is currently on 104,300 odd and will increase slightly with use.




Valid until 4th August 2022.

Originally the car failed due to the headlamp aim, which I did know about but I asked them to test first and then iron the problems out afterwards.

There are some advisories, I asked them to fix the headlamp aim by creating a new headlamp leveller, fitting it and redoing the MOT. Which, the car then passed.

I've addressed the tyres with a set of wheels from my GS430 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric's. Front tyres are on 3mm and the rear tyres are near new, so I'm guessing 7-8mm. The car came with the wrong wheels, which were from an IS250 (see my threads if needed)

The exhaust rear section will need replacing or welding, but it is a very small split currently so not an immediate worry. It is 16 years old after all and would need some work eventually.

The parking brake has been adjusted and actually works, which I've personally always found as an issue oni all my Lexus cars.  For example, my GS430 parking brake doesn't work at all although it is being adjusted/repaired in the coming week.

One of the rear discs is quite worn, but in all honesty the car brakes extremely well (especially compared to the current state of my GS430). But, this is something to be addressed eventually by the new owner.


Service History:

It has lots of service history, I'm not sure if one would call it full service history. I'd call it 95% service history, but I am very picky about servicing and this was the best GS300 I could find with decent service history without an overinflated price. It has had 16 services in total with 9 of those being from Lexus. I have also obtained the original records from Lexus of the services that have happened, which I'll include with the sale.


In my short ownership, I have done the following:


  • Put the car through an MOT
  • Fixed the most pressing advisories
  • Given the inside and outside of the car a thorough clean
  • Replaced the front bonnet struts and rear boot struts
  • Fixed a TPMS issue with new TPMS sensors on affected wheels
  • Replaced all the wheels with 18 inch GS430 alloys and Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres
  • Lowered the vehicle on Tanabe springs, but I have since gone back to the stock springs












Contact Details:


Please PM me if interested or have any questions.




Rochester, Kent


Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:


Collection only

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