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Oily greasy in Radiator Overflow Bottle


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Greetings all, I have a Lexus IS 250 2008. When I purchased this preowned vehicle, it was consuming engine oil, every 7k miles I was adding 3-4 litres of 5W30 fully synthetic. I noticed that there was oil leak from rocket cover so I was suggested to replace all rocker cover gaskets and manifold seals. This was confirmed by another mechanic in Slough, Berkshire. Before replacing these gaskets, my radiator overflow bottle had never lost its level and never had oily greasy particles. I ordered all parts from Lexus Swindon. After the 2nd mechanic has replaced rocker cover gaskets and manifold seals, it is losing radiator coolent and it is all greasy. Do you think it is related?

So far the coil packs/spark plugs are clean, dipstick is not showing any signs of water/coolent mixing with oil.   Any serious help/suggestion/advise would be really appreciated

BTW the dodgy mechanic was Mr Riaz Malik at Belfast Avenue, slough, SL1 3HL

Lexus IS250 radiator bottle.jpg

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