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The bottom one is the Check Engine Light (CEL) / Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). The engine warning light on the dashboard.

Either it is on, indicating a fault - or it has been tampered with/bulb blown so it doesn't light up.


When you first turn on the ignition it should come on, then go out once the engine starts if there are no errors.

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As somebody else has said possibly abs sensors?

The only other electronic component on the nearside front that comes to mind is the headlight leveling sensor or connecting rod? Maybe this has been confused as a stabilty control sensor?

Also there is a similar sensor on the rear although i think the rear is fitted to the nearside but i may be wrong.

Just a thought do you have the suspension that can be switched under the armrest from normal to sport? I think its called active suspension, just thinking if a control sensor on the top of the shock is missing?

A bit more info from the mot tester is needed i think as to what is actually missing.



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Passed the MOT yesterday with two advisories.

Sub frame corroded but not seriously weakened and play in the steering rack inner joints which I have been wondering about for some time.

Has any other GS owner had a Steering Rack problem?  The LS400 has never had any such problem and has done higher miles.

Since acquiring the vehicle its had a few new parts. New Calipers, Discs and pads, Serp belt, Oil Filter, Wheels and new Tyres (Sold the 18's 8.5J Grandstand wheels after getting them refurbed, for £500). Still have the Spare (with used tyre) if anyone is interested?   Put 17" 7JJ Wheels on and do wonder if the fact that this model had the option of the Wider wheels has something to do with the Steering rack issue - more strain? 

Had issues of the VSC lights not going out and the CEL light coming on, which was solved by replacement of the lower 1st Bank Lambda sensor.    So, no lights on the Dash.

Sorted the leaky Sun roof (hopefully) some time back. Fitting a Rear View Wireless Camera but have to say, where do you put the Screen.  So many Air bags and an undulating Console make it difficult to place. Don't really want it stuck to the Wind Screen as too far away and light will make it difficult to see the image.  Already have a dashcam stuck to the internal Mirror which is less obvious to people outside the Car.  It works well.


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