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Hey Chris,

Not sure if that would be the case, because as far as I know if they updated Lexus batteries in between these years - likely they would do the same in Toyota.

I would check with Richard from - he is being recommended by many forum users here and he sound like a person that would know it best.

All the best

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[quote]The HV Battery pack consists of 34 low voltage (7.2 Volts) NiMH Battery modules
connected in series to produce approximately 244.8 Volts. Each NiMH Battery module is
non-spillable and sealed in a metal case.[/quote]

Quoted NiMH nominal voltage is 1.2v

7.2/1.2=6 >> should be, unless the rav4 & NX hybrids use unique 6-cell modules for themselves.
Also - 244.8/1.2 = 204, 204/6 = 34 (the quoted number of batteries).

To my knowledge, there are (were?) 4  generations of the 6-cell modules that are used in every NiMH toyota hybrid Battery other than the RX & LS600h ones. All of them are compatible - I have gen4 modules in my 3rd gen GS (originally with gen2 modules, I believe). The RX/Highlander (perhaps not the new highlander, I don't know) uses the 9-cell modules, the LS600h uses the 12-cell modules. You can guess why an ls600h is an expensive proposition to own, compared to the ls460 😄

Anyways, can't confirm, can just deduce. Good luck!

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Thank you very much kijan and Lwerewolf for your time and kindness to offer your advice and knowledge on the subject.

I managed to find out only yesterday that the dimensions of their modules differ, rendering them non interchangeable, despite they have identical electrical and chemical characteristics.  

Module dimensions are as follows:  Lexus GS 450h and Prius:                                 19.6(w), 106(H), (285)L.

Toyota Rav4:                                 12.2(W), 122(H), 370(L).


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