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Backbox delete on GS300 MK2 - advice needed

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Hi everyone

I took my newly purchased GS300 MK2 up to Scotland and for a road trip and it did amazing except for loosing one of the rear exhausts on day one 😅 I took off the exhausts and did 2000 miles with no problems. I love the sound because it's a little growly but nothing to obnoxious - no drone inside the cabin just a little nice rumble.

Booked a backbox delete at a Flowtech in Dagenham in two weeks however reading up on backbox deletes ( muffler delete ) there are a lot of mixed opinions. Some people are saying that it sounds great with no issues, others are complaining about the drone at low RPMs. Therefore I need some advice on what option to go for. Backbox delete will cost around £200. Was looking at different options however they're a bit more costly everywhere else - new backboxes £400, backboxes + Y pipe £600-£1000. Was initially set to do it with Tony Banks however can't justify the 4-5h drive.

What's your opinion or experience on a backbox delete on a GS300 MK2?



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Hi there,


I can only suggest looking up YouTube videos on people who have done something similar.


So, I take it by 'backbox delete' - it's keeping the rest of the stock system but having some straight pipes where the exhaust mufflers should be? It would really depend on how many resonators are on the rest of the system?

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if it's only £200, go for it. If you don't like it personally, find some used boxes and sell the "delete kit". It just bolt on where the stock ones would bolt on so perfectly reversible, but yeah like Chan said above, look at YT but take everything with a pinch of salt. It's never really accurate to IRL sound.

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