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Fuel additives to use or not to use that is the question!


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As per title question! 

As most of us I presume use VPower or its equivalent super unleaded. Do any of you use fuel additives too? 

Which one do you use? 

How often do you use it and what benefits have you noticed from using it? 

Many thanks 👍

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To the best of my recollection additives (not including those in petrol already) were added by individuals when petrol became lead free.  The formulation with lead helped cushion valves/seats.  Some owners had affected cars modified using harder seats whilst others helped alleviate the loss of lead by adding additives.  The present situation has been brought about by the introduction of ethanol, firstly as a 5% ratio but more recently as 10%.  The ethanol tends to cause premature degrading of rubber hoses and gaskets etc.  (Some cars are affected more than others). I am not convinced that by adding an additive to E10 fuel you are going to stop potential damage to these vehicles.  By opting for the high octane fuel ethanol is either not included or remains at the 5% ratio.  Furthermore, the E10 petrol gives fewer MPG than for the same grade previously with 5% ethanol.  The higher Octane does include better additives but what is important is that is has no ethanol or only 5%.  Changing up to the high octane also provides slightly more power and more MPG whereas with standard lower octane fuel the increased amount of ethanol will result in slightly lower MPG. 

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