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Made in USA or China?

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Got supposedly correct Akebono ceramic brake pads from ROCKAUTO for my RX, ordered on 10th September and received today, so  excellent service considering they came from USA.  Also, they come with associated hardware and lube sachet, something a UK dealer said the Lexus boxed ones didn't include. Furthermore, these came at a saving over those quoted by a UK Lexus dealer even after postage and VAT added.  However, one of the selling points on the ROCKAUTO site says they are made in the USA and on the box is also shows made in USA.  There is also a printed label stuck on the box which shows ACT1324A Ceramic Disc brake pads Manufactured in the USA.  But on the accompanying Packing List under Country of Origin, it says China. The feint printing on the backplate shims attached to the pads does not show were they were made but reads AK AS487 FF N21 

I have seen ROCKAUTO mentioned several times on this forum and they seem to sell a wide range of pads (and I believe other car parts), so I assume the ones I have received are genuine.  However, I wonder whether the Packing List is correct and gives the game away or maybe it was incorrect. Incidentally, the pads which are said to be ceramic, look as though the pad material contains some small metallic like inclusions. 

Think I will ask ROCKAUTO about this but would be interested to learn view of members before doing so.

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