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HELP - Does anyone know if Rear Bumper design on IS300h changed between 2013 and 2020 please?

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Hi All

I have an IS300h originally registered in Sep 2015. 

A few weeks ago I had a collision with a low wall and my nearside bumper crumpled.  I need to replace the bumper, diffuser and n/s reflector. 

I have a good bodyshop who have suggested that, given the age of the car, I get a good quality second-hand one on Ebay and they will respray and fit it.  Having looked on Ebay, most of the ones advertised say 'suitable for IS200h and IS300h models 2013-2020'. 

HOWEVER, the best one that I have found of a reasonable quality and price says 'suitable for IS300h 2017 -2020'?

My question is, does anyone know if the bumper design changed between 2015 and 2017-2020?

I can see that Lexus brought out a revision to the IS300h Phase 3 in 2016 but the revisions only seem to have been to the front bumper design and interior modifications?

Any help gratefully received. 

Many thanks 



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Thanks very much Steve for coming back to me.

It was the rear bumper rather than the front one, but given my obvious lack of knowledge regarding this, and the potential pitfalls of ordering the wrong thing on Ebay, I have decided to approach Lexus Parts Direct in Swindon to source the parts I will need using my Registration No.

Fingers crossed  it all works well.

Thanks again for your time




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On 9/15/2021 at 6:19 PM, Catherine said:

My question is, does anyone know if the bumper design changed between 2015 and 2017-2020?

On the facelift models bottom section is different:




The part is called the COVER, REAR BUMPER, LOWER - diffuser is a bit of a stretch 😉.

All the mounting are probably the same so I expect you could fit a facelift bumper to a pre-facelift vehicle.

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Colin Thank you very much for that information, that is really useful to know. Also point taken regarding use of the word diffuser 😆 will refer to it as a bumper cover in future. All the best Catherine

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21 hours ago, Andrew888 said:

Hi Catherine, If you have a damaged rear splitter as well I still have mine that I changed out to a different one if that helps.

Hi Andrew

Thank you very much for the offer, I am currently in the process of sourcing all of the items from Lexus Parts but if,for any reason, there is a problem I may well come back to you.  Thanks again Catherine 

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