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This is my third GS300 (but the first hybrid). I have just recently traded in my RX450h for this 2016 GS300h WITH ONLY 14200 (FOURTEEN THOUSAND) miles on the clock. One owner and full Lexus service history from new. Stunning car BUT, my RX450h and the previous GS300 both gave optional routes around traffic congestion (which I had to confirm or cancel). This car doesn't offer any alternative routes, simply saying something like "warning, in one mile, standing traffic". Not a lot of use when approaching it at motorway speeds. Is there something I have to set in the SAT-NAV setup ? I can't see anything obvious and don't want to buy a smartphone just to get that feature on the phone (I only use a phone for hands free calls).

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My 2014 GS300h Premier provides alternative routes. You can setup the 'detour' options by going to MENU (on the map screen) then 'Route' on the navigation menu screen then select 'Detour'. You then have various options  i.e. 'Around traffic event' & 'Whole route' (to calculate an entire new route to the destination.

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As John said there are various options in the set up to disable /Enable route detour its is there if you look in the options not sure which one off top of head but its there,


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