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Locked out of my car and key fob not opening door

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Found out recently that I have a flat Battery with my Lexus IS220d and cant get my key from the fob to turn the driver side door to open, the turning motion doesn't open the door and there is no click sound.

I managed to open the trunk boot of the car only using the fob key and opened the rear seat hole to reach the door lock from inside. I used a car jack handle to open the lock but seems it pushes back but doesnt open the door. 

I guess its a suspected case of car's own security disabling the locking system. So long story short, I can jump start my car since I cant get access to the bonnet. 


Mine is a 2008 Lexus IS220a, has anyone been in this situation? Has anyone tried opening the bonnet from the front grill side? For now its certain that the car has disabled the locks so my only access to inside is via the boot and no further.  

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I hasn't opened for me. what i next did was to use the jack handle and get inside the boot hole to open the driver back side seat lock to come in open postion and asked my wife to open the door from outside using the handle. It didn't work and seems the car has disable the locking system so neither the key hole nor the door lock push to open position unlocks the doors. Its a freak one. 


I havnt tried the left back side door yet since I can unable to reach it.

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