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hi all, 1st post,so be gentle please, considering buying either ls430/ls460, now i`m in my 60`s and i LOVE comfort.

which of these 2 model`s gives the most comfortable ride and is quietest, i know they are both very accomplished at this, but is 1 quieter than t`other ?

many thanks

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Tough question as it all a matter of opinion and experience...

In my experience ( with 1998 Ls400, 2005 Ls430 and 2007 Ls600hl) the LS600hl seems the quietest and the Ls400 is the most comfortable!  But there are so many other questions you need to look at...  And of course somebody else on here might give you a better answer...

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From my test drives in LS400s, LS430s, & one LS460, I think you will be hard pressed to find much difference between them in silence and comfort. The 460 probably edges it ever so slightly, but it feels less planted than the 04-06 LS430 when cornering and of course there are even more gadgets to go wrong.  The LS400 is most reliable, LS430 somewhat less, and the LS460 the least reliable of the 3, but all of them beat the competition into a cocked hat.

My advice is go test drive several and then make your mind up. It's a personal thing.

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don't dismiss the Ls400 especially, there are a few good one's around to buy right now  ......  far less complexity and stuff to fail ........ supreme comfort and reliability too ...... a few age related niggles that can be very economically sorted, unlike the others that can be horribly costly to sort .............. I'm a little biased I guess, only had the Ls400s for the past 21+ years and qtr million miles driving :thumbsup:

Best wishes whatever you decide to buy, they will all offer you superb driving in all conditions  .......  Ls400 Road Tax is amazingly cheap now too by comparison


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The LS400 was and still is if you can get a good one the best car Lexus ever produced it was refined to point it could not be bettered with no constraints on budgets and time, unlike today.

When my first Mark 1 Lexus came to its end after 23 years I studied both the 430 and the 460 test driving both and could see no betterment in comfort and the reliability issues were well known especially in the 430 so I stuck with the 400 and after 10 years I am so glad I did .

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I agree with most of the previous comments.

Reliability wise :-

I had a '98 LS400, bought it high mileage and battered, kept it for four years, hardly ever serviced, and it never never went wrong.

Had an '04 LS430, which I bought from a Lexus dealer, full service history, and had all sorts of trouble. It never let me down, just niggly things. The steering wheel motors failed, the reversing camera failed, the air con leaked, O2 sensors failed, and so on.

My '06 LS460, at 15 years old and 80K miles, looks and drives like a new car, and everything still works. I'm aware it'll need some suspension work in the next 20K miles or so. But spending a couple of thousand on it to get another 100K miles isn't a big deal - at that age many other manufacturer's cars will be scrapped.

Comfort wise :-

The 400 had the softest ride.

The 430 was a little firmer (but more reassuring to drive), with a little more road noise.

The 460 is my favourite. The suspension has comfort/normal/sport settings so you can choose whatever suits, and it's definitely the quieter of the three. Plus you'll be getting a newer car, with all the modern "driver assist" features.

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