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IS200 Sat Nav Screen won't close.


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I recently took my Lexus IS200 to the local garage for a number of small jobs.

One was to remove a CD that was stuck. The CD player kept coming up with error messages and eventually wouldn't eject the CD.

When they returned the car the CD was removed but the Sat Nav screen was open and won't close.

The Open/Close and Tilt buttons have no affect, but their LEDs are still lit.

There is a constant whirring coming from the Sat Nav screen when you turn on the key to ignition or to the ACC position.

I gently tried to close the screen and it can go down in the tilt increments but as soon as you take your hand off it goes to the open position.

Does anyone know how to fix this or what is going on?


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Firs/easiest check: remove the satnav pod and check the cables are firmly seated in the sockets, and that the cables aren't tangled in the mechanism.

Its an easy job: (if it's the same as a 300SX) - pop the panel in front of the screen, and undo the two bolt/screws. It then just slides forwards and out.

if there's something disconnected/tangled, it'll be obvious




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