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RX450H Interior switch cluster - see photo

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I'm looking for either a replacement switch cluster or the part number for my F Sport. 

The cluster has the Auto Headlight switch and the tailgate release switch with the other 2 blanked off.

I have seen used replacements for Lithuania on yje usual auction site, but they have more switches,(HUD etc ) where mine is blank.

Can anyone let me know the part number for replacement, or will a used part with extra switches install and work out.

I somehow managed to crack the pushbutton and Lexus won't fix it under warranty.





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So I ordered the part off Flea Bay from the Lithuanian guys, turned up today and is absolutely immaculate.

Now I could do with some advice on how to fit this replacement part, is it doable from the end panel  as suggested above ?

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Hi Chris,

Like Les I have in the past knocked mine back into the dash. All I can say is that my dealer took around 5minutes to replace it. When I asked how they said they just took the end off the dash and clicked it back in so I guess that it will be easy to access the rear of the switch and swap over the wires. But I have no idea to remove the end of the dash!


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