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Gen4 GS450h front brake disc size?


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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone could help me as I'm about to loose my mind trying to source correct brake discs for my 2013 GS450h.

So, I took my car to the shop for front disc + pad replacement as I've been experiencing wobble when braking and I was told I had warped front discs when I took my car for the yearly maintenance earlier.

The guy calls me back saying he has ordered the wrong discs which were 334mm whereas my car has 356mm. He said he couldn't find a single catalogue/website that would offer this size or even recognize it as an option. I went and got my car back and started to do my own research. I too had a hard time finding any reference to the bigger size. Apparently there's a F Sport version sold in the U.S. that has this brake disc size (RWD models only). Still doesn't explain why my car has these discs even though it's a standard euro spec LHD (I live in Finland) GS450h Luxury. One U.S. forum had a discussion claiming that the brake caliper setup is identical between "regular" and the F Sport RWD and you could just put the smaller discs + pads in but that doesn't sound right as the pads would be positioned "over" the edge of the smaller disc.

This wouldn't be a big issue otherwise but I called my local dealer and they told me that a pair of these bigger discs + pads would cost me £750(!) if ordered through them. I refuse to believe that there aren't any aftermarket parts but everywhere I look the discs are either 334mm or there's no spec sheet that would clearly state the size.

Has anyone encountered the same problem or happen to know for sure which parts would be the correct ones in this case? 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Someone with a GS will be able to say for certain, but I believe, In the UK, these larger discs  are fitted to the F-Sport and Premier models.


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Hi @Aleksi, this sounds correct and @J Hendersonis right, Premier and F-Sport GS450h came with larger front discs i.e 356x30thk mm.

In UK you can get them from online Lexus shop, see link below, it will cost you about £430.

I called Lexus Glasgow (Scotland) and they offered something in origin of £650 for discs and pads.

I have a little wobble too but not always for some reasons. Couple years back I skimmed the front discs and changed pads too which helped but not for long!

Dingbro one of the largest car parts suppliers in UK couldn't find the required larger discs either, it didn't even show up on their screens as an option so the only option I have is to go with Lexus online shop, at some point in the future.

I tried to find discs via other brands Bosch, brembo etc and there was no luck!

Let us know if you find anything Aleksi.



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