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SC430 with IS-F rims W.


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Dear All,

It's my first time on Lexus forum UK, 

I'm in Amsterdam and I've bought the SC430 a few month's ago but there's a problem with reading the TPMS in the ECU. When the officially dealer wants to connect the OBD2 to check the TPMS icon they can't check what has been already installed of sensors? Anyway I adore the car but according to me the UK has more fans for the sc430 I've seen on YouTube. According to me it's the ECU that's the problem because Lexus installed new TPMS but could not have connection .

Question; does somebody knows a solution except a new module?

It's a luxury problem but I have the original rims and 2 IS-F rims and I have never seen others with the same W-Rims.




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The Lexus engineer explained that the TPMS are new and they can read all four however with their Lexus software they can see the TPMS icon but when they clic on it nothing happens. So I told the engineer check the other icons if there are more software errors ? According to me it's the ECU (they checked all wiring) but it cost minimum  €1000,- or more however I still have a warranty. In The Netherlands you have 6 -12 month's warranty if buying a second hand car so I think no problem with Lexus. First I go for a holiday and I hope Lexus has a proposal how to solve it. I will inform you how the story ends.

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Hi Mr Clog,

I reckon she looks better in the original wheel trim.

I have seen some great rims for these cars, but not many. I have the same colour, black leather update model, but I am taking forever finding rims better than the originals at a reasonable price.

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