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New member with 2015 RCF


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Hi all,

New member but lurked for a month or two while looking for the car I finally bought after some deliberation and a LOT of Youtube reviews which was a 2015 Lexus RCF in Azure Blue. Only had the car a day but already know it's amazing and I love it so far. Only slight fly in the ointment is an inability to pair my phone via the Bluetooth. Samsung S7 Edge (I know I should really upgrade but it works!) just keeps coming up saying that it had incorrect PIN or passcode even though they match on screen. Work's phone connects no problem, that's also a Samsung but an S8. But all my music an most of the contacts I need will be on the other one. Anyone any suggestions? I'll do a search now but hoping someone's come across this and can offer words of advice.

Have tried all the obvious including resetting phone. Wiping all other Bluetooth paired connections etc. Still no joy.

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Hello Michael and welcome to the LOC,hoping you find the forum educational and informative,hopefully someone will come along and help you out of your predicament as I was going to suggest what you have already tried 

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