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Hello guys, I am getting mad about 2019 ES 350 A/C systems.
Last summer, the cooling malfunctioned and it was the first-year I leased the Lexus(because I trust its reliability 😼 ) so luckily I still had complimentary maintenance service so I used that to get it fixed. I don't recall the exact reason but I will try to get reports from that dealership next week and update this post.
This year, I found the cooling system was broken again and I had to send it to a dealership to inspect A/C as I had one important date that day and needed this car. They charged me around $300 and told me the condenser was hit by tiny rocks and I had to pay around $2000, including parts, labor, and tax, to get it fixed. It was expensive and I don't have a complimentary maintenance service this year so I said NO😿. My plan is to order OEM parts and try to find a 3rd service provider to fix it.

I am just wondering how's it possible that A/C systems are broken two years in a row. My Lease term is 3yrs so I even do not know if it will be broken again next year. Is it common for Lexus? Is it common for the 2019 ES 350 model?

What're your suggestions? What would you do if you were me?

BTW, if you know a reputable Lexus repair shop at Seattle, please let me know!

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Hi Gregory and welcome to the LOC UK.

I’m a little confused as your location is Powys, Wales, UK. but then you mention the cost in USD and Seattle?

English consumer law is somewhat different between the UK and USA and geographical locations difficult to recommend when we’re 4000 miles away.

Just thought it must be the early hours of the morning too.

I would suggest that perhaps the USA LOC may provide the information you are presently seeking but you’re more than welcome to stick around with the Brits also 😀

Be interesting to know what Lexus did the first time regarding repairs to the AC, I know parts are generally a lot cheaper in the US compared to the UK and for aftermarket you have

A google search should find you a good independent AC shop.

Would your insurance cover the damage repair costs?

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