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350z vs G35x Compression Rod interchangeable??


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So I have a build thread if you want more details, but TLDR I have a 2007 350z with the boosted performance turbo kit and the zspeed concentric slave cylinder delete. I was running the oem compression rod with SPL bushings and liked them alot, but they allow the compression rod to sag, and I was getting interference when turning between my charge piping and compression rod on the driver side.

I swapped to the GKTech lower single piece control arms, and eliminated the compression rod interference. I don't love the design of these arms. I am a mech engineer and there are design concerns with these arms that I am not happy with.

I found the G35x arms in my search for a solution and I know at a minimum they have a different tapered seat that would have to be swapped for them to fit. I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any other differences between these compression arms. Or has the ability to check. I have asked Z1 to check as they have both in stock, but they were to busy to help with a request like that and brushed me off.

Has anyone else faced this issue and have a better solution? I am open to ideas and discussion on possible fixes.

If you want pictures or measurements of anything let me know and I will throw them on here.

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