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There's a rather interesting IS250C up for sale through an independent on E-Bay.

2009 with 60,000 miles and service history in red.

Plenty of life left in it if it's been looked after. Nice for somebody.

2009 Lexus IS 250C SE-L 2.5 Auto Convertible **Full Service History** | eBay

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Not overly impressed personally,no road tax since December 2020,no mot since February 2021,not sorn,a couple mot failures and an outstanding recall, probably ify full service history too 🤔

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Lol,am not saying it won't be good for someone,just that it raises a few eyebrows for me,when an advert says full service history i don't usually take it as gospel as very often it hasn't eg a service missed,not carried out,overdue etc

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Hi I agree with scudney  The items highlighted on the MOT do not bode well with a 'full service history' brakes ,tyres ,windscreen wipers not serious but would have been addressed during the annual service .This 'full service history ' description given by some dealers amounts to a wipe down with an oily rag at some point in the not too distant past , some I have checked for friends and family have been a joke ; I would advise anyone wanting to check history to look for dated receipts not just stamps in a book ,these can easily be forged and with Lexus you can check the official records from a dealer if Lexus workshops have carried out the servicing 

Buyer Beware. Dave

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