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Only electric drive experience

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Hello Everyone, 

I wonder what are yours only EV driving experiences on pre-lift MK4 (without switching to EV only - just carefully using acceleration to not engage regular engine)? 

Reason I'm asking is that I had a chance to charge the Battery fully recently due to driving from a really big hill and while I reached bottom Charge gauge wasn't adding anything. From that point I made 4.6km on a flat surface, before I went down to 3 bars (while keeping speed of about 60 km/h), so I'm sure it would stretch tiny bit more, but the road condition changed and I won't drive 60 on 120 speed limit 😂

I was really amazed, because on every day basis I'm used to 6/8 bars for most of time and then I'm usually able to make about 1.5km out of it - which is really fine, considerng that even in Manual they give really small indication of mileage that can be done that way 🙂

What are your experiences with that? 

All the best,


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