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Cosmin - GS450h - Nottingham


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Hello all, 

I have purchased a Lexus GS450h over the weekend and I have gone through the owner's manual. Next logical step was to make this account and start building the list of 'To do' on the car.

The car is grey with black interior, no sunroof, cat N, covered 143k miles and has the ML sound system. 






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@steve2006 Thank you for the warm welcome! From what I understand it was due to some damage on the subframe caused by going over a stone in a car park. I don't know a lot since that happened a couple of owners back.

I am planning on getting the history from Lexus (the car had services done at Lexus up till July 2019/125k miles) and an inspection to get a list of all the things that should be done on the car. To do list so far:

- full service, including diff, gearbox, hybrid cooling system

- a second key

- hood and boot struts

- a malfunction in the tire pressure warning system

But I am waiting for the inspection results before committing to anything. For now the car is parked and I continue using my trusty (mildly rusty) A Class (W169).

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