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Hunter wheel alignment


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So a few years ago I had lowered H&R springs fitted, since then garages have had issues trying to get the alignment right, they reckon that not being "standard" it throws all the figures out, anyone else had this problem?

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And don't forget that having a Hunter system alone doesn't guarantee it will be correct. Very much down to the knowledge and competence of the operator. 

A place local to me recently had an extremely impressive Hunter system installed but totally failed to set up my bone stock LS.

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Have used Wheels in Motion, Chesham, to do alignment and it was spot on, but when I had the H&R springs fitted they cannot get it right, had to take it back to them a few times as not happy with the feel of the steering, but have now given up. Have recently had wheels refurbed and new tyres fitted and noticed that both original front and rear tyres on n/s, were worn badly on the outside edge. Also I find when reversing off my driveway on full lock, can feel/hear the front o/s wheel rubbing against the wheel hub arm. Fella at ATS who fitted new tyres, refused to do alignment as he reckoned that having lowered springs fitted would mess up his alignment figures and he couldn't be certain that it would be correct. I really think that you are right, the person needs to know exactly what they are doing when adjusting the alignment on cars, or else it gets worse! I've noticed that Kwik Fit offer a free alignment check, might be worth letting them have a look and see what the print out looks like...🤔

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I've had my car  laser 4 wheel alignment etc done    a few times over the years and it's always been fine with necessary adjustments to take it from " red " to " green " on the computer printouts ....  but then I'm on stock / standard / off the production line everything on my car ......  with the exception of possibly renewables from time to time ............  Upper Control Arms and things like that ...  but it's always been standard or to standard Toyota OEM Lexus product

I've had new tyres of course over the years ( now on 234k miles ) 

The garage doing the alignment will surely only ever work from the Lexus / Toyota set standard figures produced for him at the Centre ( wherever that may be and off the computer !  ) and when one has anything but standard OEM set-up on-going, the Alignment Guy is never going to be able to set it all up in accordance with the " correct " setting/ figures .......  to me that makes so much common sense

Just don't expect the impossible from a normal human being eh !

There are possibly guys out there who have experience with re-setting alignment with specific different to original, off the production line changes to one's car BUT how you would ever find that rare individual, well, only recommendation will cover that one maybe

But to expect an ordinary guy to set things up with non-standard anything is almost asking the impossible in my humble opinion :unsure:


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Attached photo of one of the old worn tyres,  and one of the newly refurbished wheels, powder coated in gloss black then given the disco effect, as soon as the sun hits them they sparkle like mad!!




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