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Noisey gearbox

Dan is 200

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hi guys hope your ok,

the car always had noisey gearbox which goes away when the clutch is down and comes back when the clutch is up had spent a lot of time and money problems still there am i right in thinking its the clutch release bearing as im sure its been changed with the clutch, if not the CRB what could it be its annoying now



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When you press the clutch pedal, the clutch fork is pushed against its fulchrum either by hydraulic slave cylinder or by the clutch linkage and in turn the fulchrum pushes the release bearing against the pressure plate to disengage the gearbox in order to change gear.

From the foregoing it emenates that the release bearing is ok and the noise comes from the gearbox. You may have worn bearings or gears or a fork within the gearbox.

An inspection will reveal the cause and it should be a straight forward job to do. You will need a clutch centering tool or a spare gearbox input shaft for the refitting of the clutch.


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the gearbox bearing have been replaced i do think its the release bearing but its been replaced the box was sent off to gearbox specialist thetvsaid it all seemed fine but the could provide a recon box for 1000 quid

i could try another box 

thanks for your help

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