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GS III 430, O2 sensor problem

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Hi guys,

So I had engine light , vsc etc come up on my 06' gs430. I plugged in tech stream and It said p0031 bank1 sensor1. I brought a Bosch unit and fitted it today. to my relief it came out easy and fitted the new one .

The problem is I took the car for a drive and the lights stayed on. I Plugged the laptop back in afterwards and the same code is still in current and history - it won't clear. 

I can't afford a lexus dealer (they probably wouldn't be interested in my 15 year old car anyway)

Has anyone else ever come across this??


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2 hours ago, Robsan said:

That is bank1 sensor1 isn't it?


Did you clear the fault? If not then it will take three error free start/stop cycles for the code to clear.

I assume the Bosch sensor was specifically listed as compatible with your vehicle? It uses a wide-band air/fuel ratio sensor rather than a generic O2 sensor. I'd personally only use Denso sensors for a Toyota engine.

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Just to finish this topic off, i drove the car for a few days to work and back with the light still on. Then after that to my amazement Techstream let me clear the code and it hasnt come back on since?? weird??

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