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GPS lost position for an half an hour whilst driving: 2021 RX

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Hi Everyone,

My navigation system (MM19 in a 2021 RX) lost position last night whilst driving for over 30mins and showed me driving across roads and fields that were miles away from my actual location.  I originally noticed it because the speed limits that were showing had become nonsense for the roads I was on.  I rebooted the system (holding down the power button on the radio for 5s) but it did not resolve the issue.

I  power cycled the vehicle on returning home but the problem persisted. 

It "fixed" itself this morning when I reversed off the drive.

I have driven on that route hundreds of times and never had an issue, and never have I ever seen this on any previous Lexus vehicles I have owned or driven.

I am now waiting to see if this happens again.  

Has anyone else ever seen this type of issue?  I don't see that it could have been a problem with satellite coverage (not over such a wide area and not given I have driven on these roads many many times before without the issue).

The software version on my Navigation is 1160 (recently upgraded - so the issue could be a bug in the new software release but I have no way at present of telling). 



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31 minutes ago, Moleman said:

Perhaps the Solar flare reported yesterday.

Ahhh... well spotted.  I had not seen that.

I think this is a very likely explanation!


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