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Hello all new member, Haha member 🤣


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Hi lads I said I'd just introduce myself here as a new member 

Deco is the name 

I've got a 2008 Lexus gs300 

I bought it off a taxi driver over 3 years ago for €1600

At the moment it's over 300k klms on the clock and still runs like like new carIMG-20210906-WA0007.thumb.jpeg.8313c1473f693fa12774a6841b641f98.jpegIMG-20210906-WA0009.thumb.jpeg.0ab9e51a78f9fb776873d060b47cfd2c.jpeg20211121_154430.thumb.jpg.3339e0cae2569262ab8b270b50007e16.jpg20211121_154442.thumb.jpg.ae5e93325bba82481a32b0b27099f255.jpg20211121_154453.thumb.jpg.9414e559bc92ea84c10b6df86be28f91.jpg20211121_154501.thumb.jpg.fbfeea80b884b62ed15ff0fdf256dc3a.jpgIMG-20210906-WA0011.thumb.jpeg.83d0943e2e6499ed3b662cbcb3df80b4.jpegIMG-20210906-WA0013.thumb.jpeg.c4fefa479e178b386f0345fdd4bbb2c5.jpeg

I know some people cringe when they hear cars were used as taxis but this was immaculate and well looked after as the taxi regulations here in Ireland make sure all cars are kept well and roadworthy. 

Since I've bought it I've done a good few bits to it...


New brakes and discs all round and found out that they require hand brake pads.. they were also replaced

New alternator

pirelli run flats all round 

Full aircon re-gassing and ozone cleaning 

I also added a tesla style android head unit which is absolutely brilliant and those cool gel style number plates. 


I've a set of lowering springs in the post and my eye on a set of 20" alloys (pics to follow)


So hello everyone 😉


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Hi Deco and welcome to the best Lexus forum there is. Wow you surely win 1st prize for introducing yourself with a mass of photos.

You must post in the general section how you decided on the tesla style headunit, which one you got and how you find it etc. That will interest a lot on here.

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Hi Deco, welcome to the LOC and a great 1st post.

I think it is similar in the UK with taxis having MOTs at 6 monthly intervals plus all the local authority checks resulting in generally well maintained vehicles.

300,000 KM is around 180,000 miles and I’ve seen higher that that on “private” cars.

You are obviously already on top of the maintenance so pretty sure you have a decent car there. 

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