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Is there any import duty / VAT from Japan?


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Hi guys,

I've been using jp-carparts a few times lately over the last 12 months or so. I've never been charged VAT or import duty for any of the imports.

On the odd occasion that I've imported things from the US or United Arab Emirates, I've always had the pay the import duty before receiving the goods.

Does anyone know whether imports from Japan are exempt? Or did I just happen to keep my order value below some magic threshold where VAT doesn't apply? From memory, all of the Japanese imports have been below £150 inc. delivery.

I did read the following government article which suggests there is some kind of free-trade agreement with Japan, but not sure if that is related?


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Found this document which seems to suggest there is no duty:

"UK tariffs on two tariff lines covering electrical control units often used in cars will be put to zero as of 1 January 2021. By bringing in reductions on tariffs on car parts, UK-based auto manufacturers will beneft from lower costs of production, which they can pass onto consumers. CEPA also includes an automotive annex to facilitate regulatory alignment and the reduction of non-tariff barriers. Without the agreement it will be more costly for UK and Japanese businesses trading vehicles and vehicle parts."

If this is true for all car parts, it makes importing from Japan much cheaper as you get an immediate 20% saving!

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methinks this is a minefield and the Rules might / will have changed over these months. I believe there are / were changing rules in negotiation for Japan ........... why not directly ask a  current Japanese exporter of car parts to the UK  ?

Amayama maybe ....  I know when I imported from them pre-Brexit I paid their carriage, Customs Duty and VAT and a small Post Office handling charge for the documentation too ..  overall imported cost was still sub 50% of the UK Lexus / Toyota supplied parts ...  UCAs and about £250 per item 

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I import car parts from Japan regularly and customs charges are to be expected.  Usually works out around 20-25% on top of the total (parts plus the shipping costs).

Occasionally something will slide through but it is a rarity.  The likes of Parcelforce will ask for the customs before delivery but some couriers (for example Fedex) will deliver then send out the bill afterwards.  

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Thanks for the replies. But can I ask when was the last time you ordered from Japan? Was it pre-Brexit?

I have ordered 3 times from jp-carparts (all after the date of that document i linked to)

I have never been charged any import taxes or duty on any of these occassions

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