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GS 430. 05reg. 141000 miles. 125000miles Lexus Glasgow history.  My car stood for about an hour in total as the tyre fitters were very busy but come to start after the tyres were fitted it was dead as a door nail. The dash lights were on but faded and the starter sounded like it was clicking. My trusty fitter connected his portable charger and it fired immediately. Travelled about 5 miles to my trusty garage who checked the Battery and alternator which were spot on. I did not charge the Battery and used the car every day but the same thing happened when I stood for about 15 minutes in a car park with the radio on and it wouldn't start, same scenario. After the first incident I had put my spare Battery and jump leads in the boot and again it fired up and I've been using it since.  The car in general, performs excellently. Any ideas please.  Jim.  ps....I have another small issue on which I will start a new thread tomorrow.  Thanks      

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3 hours ago, Duggie B said:

Did your garage do a load test on the 12v battery ? It could be that a cell or two are faulty and giving up the ghost intermittently when starting load called upon causing the issue you describe. 

Sounds very much like a failing 12v Battery to me 39buss. The 450h does not actually have an alternator as such, it has a dc to dc converter which is fed from the HV Battery

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On 12/28/2021 at 11:29 PM, hybridbatterysolutions said:

The 450h does not actually have an alternator as such

It doesn't, but Jim's GS430 does 😉

On 12/28/2021 at 4:16 PM, 39buss said:

GS 430. 05reg. 141000 miles.


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