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Satnav head unit


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Hi all😀

I will be honest with you john I would not bother the sat nav for the is cars (early ones) is pritty poor to say the least.

You only get part postcode capability and it's better I have found to use a mobile phone if you have one.

Just my view for what it's worth.


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Hi all.

Paul to be honest i have never looked at the wiring as i said it is a poor unit so never used it hopefully someone who is more up to date on it will be along soon to advise you.


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Hi John. First you have to let us know just what car you have. Your profile states you have an is250d. There isn't such a model. Is your car petrol or diesel?

But regards the headunit. I'm assuming your car doesn't have the satnav. If it doesn't then you need more than just a u it with satnav but the console too. As for any wiring I can't honestly see a car without nav having the wiring there. You'd need to go aftermarket like one of those android ones.

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