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Heaters sometimes jump to High

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My wife has the habbit of always pushing the HVAC temperature to MAX - drives me nuts when I get into drive the car.  She sets the house thermostat to 19.5 or 20, so why is this not good enough in the car? Well anyway...

So, whist we are now in agreement that this does not need to be done anymore, seems like the car now has it in for me.  Sometimes it remembers the last temperature set, other times it goes to MAX again.  My wife assures me this is not her anymore. Is there some kind of memory setting?

Played around with my settings on the key, now it adjusts the seat, steering wheel and mirrors when I get in it automatically.  But the bloody HVAC sometimes goes to MAX - What am I missing?

Many Thanks

2013 Faselift 450h Premier

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Have you set dual temp mode? If so, separate temperature are for driver and passenger, and you have to set  proper temperatures separately.

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Yes thats a PITA as well, as not only does it goto HIGH it also turns on Dual mode, so either I have to turn each down individually or turn duo mode off then turn one down.

Thanks for the note anyway....

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