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The AA man confirms it!

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While I was working at a customer's house today an AA man was taking princess Diana's L reg Audi convertible away on a trailer (yes, it really was her car) and I asked him which cars were his regulars. He said French cars aren't great, Range Rovers were regulars, BMW X5's were dreadful, and Japanese breakdowns were the rarest, especially Lexus and Toyota. So there you have it!

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The guy that recovered me (mk3 GS) after my crash last year said similar things & that Iveco were the worst van in terms of reliability.

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when I had a flat tyre the other year ....  the RAC guy confirmed he never sees a Ls400 and quite astonished at the 200+k miles on the clock at that time ............ BUT of course I have had a few age related breakdowns too .........  probably averaging one every 3 years or so .  maybe :wink3:


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About the third or fourth time my VW Tiguan broke down (it was so regular, I forget) I asked the RAC who attended what I should buy. His advice was simple. Buy Japanese - it doesn’t matter what, just make sure it’s Japanese.

He went on to say that modern German cars, especially those from BMW and VAG were the most common call outs he had, and that Mercedes seemed to be the best of a bad bunch. Shortly after that experience I bought a Honda Accord and I’ve never looked back…

High Peak worth a watch at this point. Is anybody here surprised?


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