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Bilstein B6 + Eibach Pro Kit


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Hey all,

Bought some lowering springs quite recently and was looking to get them installed when I was having some other stuff done. The guys told me (as I had begun to suspect for a while) that my shocks were nearing the end of their life at the front AND back. No point in putting new springs on shot shocks so now in the market for new ones.

I am torn between going for something OEM such as KYB or going for aftermarket such as Bilstein. I know that the B6s are advertised as being for cars that are on factory springs and the B8s are for lowered cars. But the Eibachs are a very modest 30mm drop, not sure that is what Bilstein considers 'lowered' as far as their B8 range goes. Add to that, I don't believe B8s exist that fit an IS250.

Is anybody here on the B6 + Eibach combo that can report their experience? I have seen other member's forums (BMW, Porsche, even Corvette!) but nothing here.

Thanks all!

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Get coilovers if you want to lower your Is250 or get B6 shocks paired with OE springs.
B6 + Eibach Prokit springs is like fitting lowering springs on standard shocks. Quick way to blow or ruin shocks. 

If you do decide to lower, you want to check that your control arms and bushes are in good condition as lowering would put a bit more pressure on your suspension components. I replaced most of mine. 

The 250 is a comfort cruiser so you can’t tweak as easily as you would the German marques you mentioned. 

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2 minutes ago, ahmed-abrar said:

had a quick look on the Bilstein website & according to the product finder , they do not list a fitment for our cars! any ideas ?

stop the press! i just looked on autodoc, they do list them but the price !!!!!

looks like my search carry's on between KYB or a cheaper option

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Part numbers for @ahmed-abrar and anyone else interested:

Front left - 24-155311

Front right - 24-155328

Rear - 24-155335

I believe they were originally designed for use with the ISF. But given the compatibility I'm giving them a try as an alternative to coilovers.

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