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Fitting Lexus Dog Guard: RX450h 2014

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Hi, New member so hi everyone!
I’m hoping this will be an easy answer for someone that has fitted the Lexus full size dog guard before.

I am trying to fit the guard (bought from ebay) but cannot work out how it fits to the floor of the boot. I have the top brackets and long cylindrical bolts that replace the luggage cover screws but I think I may be missing some additional brackets to attach it to the boot holes in the floor.

At the moment the guard seems out of position with the bolt holes in the floor - but maybe I need to persevere? 

I have phoned Lexus twice to see if I could get a pdf of the install instructions but nothing back yet. 

can anyone help please?

many thanks for reading and happy new year all!





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Just reread my own post and realised the question could have been clearer.

Question: can you confirm if there are brackets at the bottom of the dog guard to attach it to the floor?

I did find a parts picture online but not 100% sure if the model is the same. Highlighted in that picture are the brackets I do not have

thanks again



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I managed to find the installation manual here - its a bit of an art using the search engine but once I found one dog guard for another car I was able to work what to put in the fields to narrow the search

The additional brackets are indeed for the floor of the RX450h and are needed to raise the height and wrap around the carpet

I've attached the installation instructions in case it helps anyone else in the future.


RX_DogGuard with Divider_PW255-0E00x_AIM_003_610_1.pdfRX_DogGuard with Divider_PW255-0E00x_AIM_003_610_1.pdfRX_DogGuard with Divider_PW255-0E00x_AIM_003_610_1.pdf

AIM 001 173-1 - Lexus RX350_450h Full Height Dog guard PZ483-K2120-00 - Installation Instructions_updated with trunkliner compatibility.pdf

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