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Hello all    Just bought a 2012 IS200D    Very pleased with it and one owner    A couple of questions

The navigation system keeps coming on even though I have tried to switch to show Audio  is there a way to show audio all of time instead of nav   Also

it has a Am/DAB button   Dies not appear to have Dab   Can this be retrofitted!


thanks for rsponse

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There is a facility to switch this feature off somewhere in the touchscreen settings  -  I actually came across it the other day while playing with some of the settings.

I can't check right now but will try later to find the "path" to it.


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Hi again David,

I just had a quick look again at mine,  though you need to bear in mind that mine is a 2009 car.

Anyhow the pathway is as follows:

Go to the "Setup" menu. If the map appears just press the "Setup" button a second time.

This should open a screen with eight options, you need to select "General".

This sould then give you a list of actions to choose from.  On my car the fourth option on the list is "Auto Screen Change".  Click on this option and just switch to Off and your issue should be resolved.

Hope this is of some help.


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