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Noticed it today, even when engine was switched off.

Definitely No Brummies hiding in the back!

Opened Boot, Whine gets louder,Lift up carpet on Left Hand side, There is a Black Box , about 9" x 6" with Lexus writtten on top with Wires going in and out.

Looks as if Boot seal has failed, as signs of obvious water ingress, but does anyone know what Box is and what the whine signifies?

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Sat nav I think, and I also think it’s a cd based system so the whine could be the motor that spins the cd or maybe a coil vibrating.

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Just now, Razor61 said:

so the whine could be

the fed-up lady navigator checking her voice tones for the day ahead ??:whistling:


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Satnav disc holder is the black box.

Water ingress unlikely to be the cause of it whining, but sounds like something not quite right. When I got my motor the boot had more water than Tom Daleys practice pool, and had been that way for a while, but the Nav was (and is) fine

I assume your satnav works, but maybe it will fail at some point if the fault goes seriously yuck.

Only other thought is aerial is whining, but that usually stops after 15 seconds of doing its 'thing'.


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