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Help! Rattling Gear Stick

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I found that on my IS200 Sport, when i cleaned the interior of the car and polished the leather gaiter afterwards it started to creak. For some reason the rubber underneath the gaiter was rubbing against something causing the noise, however the old twist of the gaiter soon stopped it and eventually once the polish wore off the noise went too. :)

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Mine does the same, especially on 3rd. I've told my lexus service about it, but there were nothing they were able to do about it.

However, I don't give a s**t about it anyway since I've already ordered RX300, I will get it on June.

bit of an extreme solution though :D

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I had an awful rattle in 1st gear on my new IS. The gear stick was moving quite a bit and it was bloody annoying since I have a bad habbit of leaving my hand on the gear stick after I finish changing gears.

My local dealer (Nottingham) fixed the problem very quickly and effectively. The rattle is now gone and they told me that all they did was to put some wax on some cables that hold the gear stick.

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Yes mine has been doing it in 3rd & 5th for the last 2 or 3 weeks, in fact since I cleaned it for Gaydon. My solution is to drive in 4th & 6th more !!

Yes I did clean the leather gaitot, I'll try & give it a twist next time out :)

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