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Led Auto Design.


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ok Chaps and Andi (of auto LED design)........Conclusion..

After testing the kit from LED auto design and upon further fittiing instructions from andi himself, after various people seeing for themselves at Gaydon, after a few people buying the kit for themselves. the kit DOES NOT WORK.

one simple reason, and one that has been stated before...

Viewing angle on the leds is not great enough to enable pick up from the ligh guides.

All photos that have been submited ny auto design are ones taken on a longer exposure to improve the picture.

i Have submitted pictures on a normal exposure and on a longer exposure to prove this point.

Andi i welcome your comments.

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testing another solution over the bank holiday, this will allow you guys to have ANY colour you want...,, and yes andi this other solution was inspired partly by another person who also sells a kit.. so you see if yours was any good then i would have said so and used yours to compliment mine...

price wise, for the speedo cluster approx 30 quid, depending on amoutn of leds needed for a decent spread.

for the radio, well errr approx 50 odd quid,

sat nav approx 40 odd

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