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MK1 Suspension arm

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I purchased two suspension arms for my MK1 1997 GS300 but when I got them they were labelled as MK2, even though the listing said MK1.


The dealer said not to worry because they are the same.


Basically, is this true or is he trying to pull a fast one?  Image attached.


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Apart from a few bolts/adjusters etc there isn't anything on the front suspension shared between the series I and series II GS. The front wheel hubs/bearings are the same though.

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Although the lower picture is a bit blurry and at a very slightly different angle, basically, they're the same aren't they?  The top one is the one I purchased from eBay, which stated it was for my car and the lower image which I found online with the correct part number etc., is definitely the correct one.  As I said, they look exactly the same.

My suspicion is that the one I purchased, top, is indeed correct but just had the wrong label.  I would crawl under the car to compare but it's freezing out there and I have a bad shoulder, but I shall see on Monday when I take it to the garage for them to change them.

And while I'm at it, if anyone knows where I can get a centre exhaust silencer assembly for my MKI GS300 in the U.K. I'd be very grateful because as far as I and my mechanic can tell, they no longer exist!


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Visually I don't think there is much in it, it may just be factionally a different length or angle. All I know is they have different part codes. Worth getting your wheel alignment checked if you fit them (which is a good idea anyway after working on the suspension).

I think you may have to get a generic silencer welded/sleeved in place - as you say, it's going to be difficult to find an original these days.

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