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Rear Fog Lights


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Hello All!

I've had an Idea!! :P ( go me! ) :D

So I'm up to my tricks again :whistling: but I need a pair of the std (red) rear fog lights.

Has anyone got some going cheap??

Thanks In advance,


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I be able to do it with one? :unsure:

It's really only for an experiment on if I :tsktsk: it up on one it aint worth doing but if i goes ok then I could take on out of my car. hmmm!

How much do ya want for em?

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He He He!

The reason I don't wanna say 2 much at the mo :shutit: is that it may not be possible, and even if it is, it may look :tsktsk: ! :sick:

So I want 2 c if I can & how it looks, If all goes well I'll share it with all of you!

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