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Yesterday was a day full of surprises, went to Lexus Swindon to have a Tow bar fitted, this in itself has a story with delays and holidays cancelled due to the non arrival of said part. However my wife and I turned up at the allotted time (early morning) after de-icing both cars, a loner was not offered for what was supposed to be an all day job, this has always been offered to us at Lexus Bristol but not at Lexus Swindon, not an issue as we have another car (Lexus gs), more an observation as I don't know if others have noticed differences from other dealerships. So after the ceremonial handover we tootled off to Bath for a walk and a lunch appointment I had just paid for the car parking when the phone rang....Lexus Swindon, here we go, as my mind raced full of suspicions wondering what could now befall, so a technician had the interesting short straw to tell me I already have a Tow bar fitted to my car, having now cleaned my car a number of times  you thought I would have noticed.... and no I don't want the new one fitted and the other one removed, seemed a strange question but then it was a strange day, had lunch and then drove back to Swindon to see a cleaner car and then they took the time to show me the Tow bar and how to attach it etc.

No prizes for guessing who the idiot customer of the year so far is, I would say in my defence that it wasn't sold as having a Tow bar  and it is all tucked up underneath so unless you know it's there or crawl under the car you will not know, also the detachable bar has never been used, not sure the relevance but strange someone pays over £1k and never uses it.

Sorry for the long missive but thought I would share my ignorance openly and allow people to point fingers in my direction, just for information I paid the price for the parts and they will refund that to me when someone else purchases the Tow bar.

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