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Just wondering, test drove an ES this weekend for my 500+ mile motorway trips, and just wondering what sort of range will I be looking at out of a single tank? Current in a BMW 320D which can handle that range, can the ES produce something similar?

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Hi Kevin

If it’s of any worth to your analysis I, from time-to-time, drive from where we live in Suffolk just over the border into Essex. The duration on average is 50-60mins. Most of it is on A class roads after initially spending c. 10 mins on a dual carriageway. The trip mpg is always over 60, the best being 68. 

Horses for courses but, providing you’re not caning it, I think 600 miles per tank from motorway driving is perfectly (even easily) doable.

Hope that’s helpful real-life information.


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I seem to average just over 50mpg so with the 50 litre tank it should be doable albeit you won’t have much left. Interestingly my onboard computer only gives me a maximum range of around 450 miles after filling up, when I first had the car it only gave me a maximum range of 409 miles for the first couple of tankfulls, I assume it “learns” from experience!!

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